Hamza Yalçın who has a Swedish citizenship and author Doğan Akhanlı who has a German citizenship got arrested in Spain by the police because of a Red Notice of Interpol.

Oppositional figures of Turkey who had to flee from the country due to their political activities cannot get away from the oppression of the Turkish state even at the countries where they have asylum or citizenship.

They are facing with detainment and arrestment because of Red Notices while they travel from one country to another in Europe and then having the threat of being sent back to Turkey. Interpol related detainment and arrestment cases take place as a part and continuation of the witch hunt and oppression in Turkey.

Even the most liberal countries of Europe now admit the oppressive and fascistic tendencies of Turkey. Many countries state that European citizens are getting arrested and held as hostages in Turkey. Despite this fact, how Interpol can accept the extradition requests of Turkey where a “one man rule” exists? To arrest the oppositional figures for sending them back to Turkey means to share the crimes of it. We would like to remind that there is no lawful state in Turkey: Torture becomes a daily procedure, the right to live is under threat, a single person can decide on the fate of the whole country.

Turkey uses the mechanisms of Interpol for a long while as its internal police force to attack and oppress the oppositional figures. In many cases, the oppositional people who have  asylum and the related international protection are facing extradition requests of Turkey. This is a violation of the right of asylum. By acting in compliance, European countries are acting against the treaties of UN and international law.

Interpol should consider the unlawful and antidemocratic character of Turkey and they shouldn’t process the requests of extradition for the oppositional figures. Interpol should remove their names from the list of Red Notice.

We call Swedish and German authorities to initiate at Interpol for the immediate release of Yalçın and Akhanlı.

Interpol should stop acting as an oppression mechanism of Turkey against the oppositional people and it should remove the names of Yalçın and Akhanlı from the list and free them.

We call all the democratic forces to mobilise against the Red Notice measures of Interpol which result in the imprisonment of the oppositional figures from Turkey and to act for the immediate release of Yalçın and Akhanlı.

19 August 2017

HDK Germany – Executive Board